College Preparation - Math Algebra

All the parents want their children to outperform in the exams. The stress level of every student increases much before the exam. The teachers in the school are unable to take care of individual students. Therefore, parents are worried about their child’s lesson especially when they don’t have the time to help the child with his/her lessons. To help students scoring good in exams, the EXAM PREPARATION of Our service has already proved to be a milestone.

Our service’ exam preparation services are available in all subjects for regular exams in school as well as for the exams like SAT, ACT, TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, CASHEE, PSAT etc. In EXAM PREPARATION, expert tutors carefully plan your time and make sure that the key terms and concepts of exam curriculum are thoroughly covered in the planned time.

At Our service, our students get an opportunity to learn the necessary tricks and tips in a limited time, and it becomes a lot easier for them to recall everything and put it all together during the exam. Exam preparation at Our service involves regular review tests of the exam curriculum that has already been covered. Special sessions are also given to fill any gaps if the progress is not up to the mark. All the tutors at the Our service are experienced and are highly educated. They are trained to produce results in small span of time. The sessions take place one to one, LIVE in a real time environment, through the special whiteboard. Mock tests in the same format as the exam are an important part of EXAM PREPARATION package.

• Exam curriculum is segmented and completed in a limited time.
• Main focus remains on high weightage segments.
• Practice papers are given in the same format as the exam.
• Regular assessments are conducted to review the progress.
• Sessions are scheduled as per the students comfort.