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Q1.         How does it work?

  1. It is one to one, LIVE, online tutoring. Our expert tutor works with a student in a real time environment one on one, through a special whiteboard which facilitates them to write with free hand, to talk, to type, to draw, to save, to erase.

Q2.         What is this special whiteboard?

  1. The whiteboard is a special software based on JAVA on which one can write or draw with pen-mouse and keyboard input. Click here to see the whiteboard.

Q3.         Do I need any special software for online tutoring?

  1. A software named JAVA is required for online tutoring and it is available free of cost (Click here to install JAVA). No other special software is required for accessing our E-services. All you need is a PC/LAPTOP with Windows software, a headset, internet broadband connection and UPS for power back up.

Q4.         How many hours of tutoring are recommended in a month?

A. Usually five hours of one-on-one tutoring is advised per week. However, additional lessons can be recommended if a student’s academic director finds that extra hours are needed.

Q5.         How can I schedule the sessions?

  1. You can schedule sessions for your child as per his comfort by informing our academic experts with a prior notice of 2 hours.

Q6.         How can I track the progress of my child?

  1. We give regular assessment tests to the students to check the progress. Our academic director will always be in touch with you and regularly call you to give you updates on your child’s progress. Top